Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

At Intechub, our mission is to provide clients with best quality SEO services which boost the online visibility, reach, and profitability in the ever-changing world of online search. As a full-time SEO service provider, we open the doors of leads and conversions for your online business. Strategically based in Delhi, we conceptualize the path-breaking innovations with knowledge and extensive expertise in our SEO services which focus on lead generation and keyword ranking. Our integrated approach to market product/services on the web are connected for the sake of better visibility and brand awareness. The other areas of our services include paid marketing, mobile app marketing, social media marketing, online reputation management and so on

SEO Enterprise Analytics Tools

One of the benefits of working with such a company and having top-down support from the CEO was our ability to test everything, including SEO enterprise analytics tools. We tested all of the enterprise SEO tools on the market, new ones, old ones… we tried them all. In fact, we helped a few vendors develop their tools by contributing our needs and data to their product development road maps.

Using Good Data To Make Decisions

The timing and the type of data required to make good SEO decisions was critical path to sustaining year-over-year growth. E-commerce competition can be fierce, and you need good data to make critical decisions in a rapidly changing environment.
To help you make the kind of decisions important for your company’s growth, listed below are what I believe to be the top 10 Must-Have Features in your Enterprise SEO program and dashboard.

Intechub Top 10 Tool Features For Successful Enterprise SEO:

SEO Audit Score

there is no room for beginner-level software; you need an SEO Audit score which measures the SEO health of a page AND the entire SEO program. This is critical path; you must ensure your platform and your vendor provide a legitimate and authentic SEO Audit Score.

International Capability

support for International search engines including non-US market leaders such as eschool travel are critical path for a successful SEO program at an enterprise level.


you must have transparency into the full SEO lifecycle such as planning, execution and tracking. This is where a lot of platforms fall short; centralized planning, execution and tracking are critical path

Client Referrals

Talk to several of the vendor’s clients. UI demos may in fact appear to work well; however, they can also break down quickly in real-life practice. UI and custom dashboard capabilities must have a robust configuration screen. Avoid platforms with multiple-step process for setting up a dashboard. Look for a platform dashboard which can be far easier configured with drag and drop capabilities.

Beyond Reporting

A reporting solution with some ability to audit pages and make recommendations is not adequate. Having several reports running ad-hoc such as page audits, rank checking, competitive comparisons and link analysis is a must. Additionally, focusing on weekly reporting will not suffice.

Execution of SEO

The ability to help you execute on your SEO strategy includes Mobile, Local and Social. This is probably the single, most important feature you need. You must have a platform to help you execute on the complete SEO life cycle. Mobile, Local and Social have become huge working parts of the SEO life cycle.

Vision and Opportunity Forecasting

Be aligned with the future of the industry. Opportunity forecasting includes the feasibility of how easy or difficult will it be to actually go after your top terms. Tip: generalizing CTR % overstates opportunity, presenting a good concept, but impractical in reality.

Keyword Discovery with landing page mapping

Looking at competitive terms without the ability to monitor and track social input or to help you map keywords to the best targeted landing page will leave you hanging dry. The result is a very manual and time-consuming process. You must have keyword discovery with landing page mapping capabilities and be able to include social influence.

Tracking Changes

It is extremely important to track and identify known (and unknown) page changes that were made which may negatively impact your SEO program. Tracking changes is another sweet-spot that will save you enormous amounts of time and allow you to catch things you would otherwise miss.

Page Level Competitive Analysis

the ability to see at the page level, a side-by-side comparison of where your competitive pages are better optimized vs. your targeted landing page for a given keyword is super important and extremely valuable.

silver gold platinum
Upto 10 Keywords Upto 20 Keywords Upto 40 Keywords
Site Analysis
Content Duplicity Check
Initial Rank Report
In-depth Site Analysis
Website structure check
Canonical check
Broken link check
Page load check
Google Penalty Check
W3 validation check
Internal structure check
Backlink/inbound links analysis
Online reputation check
Cross Browser Compatibility
Keyword rank tracking
Sitemap check
Robots.txt check
URL Structure analysis
Brand Audits
Social Metrics analysis
Initial Phone Consultation 30 minutes1 hour 1+1 hours
Campaign Setup
Keyword Research 20 30 60
Branded Keyword for 1 brand for 3 brand for 5 brands
Competition Analysis
Link building strategy
Google & Bing Webmaster Tools
Google analytics integration
Brand synchronization for 1 brand for 3 brand for 5 brands
404 Page Creation
Conversion setup 1 form 2 form 5 form
On-Page Optimization
Content Optimization 10 20 50
Website Page Load Optimization 10 20 50
HTML Code Clean-up & Optimization 10 20 50
Pages H tags optimization 10 20 50
Anchor Tag Optimization 10 20 50
URL Structure optimization 10 20 50
Header Tags Optimization 10 20 50
Schema Mark-up Implementation 10 pages 20 pages 50 pages
Robots.txt Creation/Analysis
Image & Hyperlink Optimization 10 20 50
HTML & XML Sitemap
Web Pages Optimized 10 20 50
Local Search Optimization
Google My Business / Bing Local Listing 1 location 2 location 5 location
NAP Syndication
Citation Building/ Local Business Listing 1 location 2 location 5 location
Google AdWords Management no up to 2k upto 5k
Updating Pages & Schema Integration 10 20 50
Classified Submissions 20 30 50
Coupon Distribution 2 5 10
Customer Review/Testimonial Submission 2 5 10
Local Search Engine Submission
Setting Geo Targeting in Google
Updating Pages & hcard Integration 10 20 50
Conversion Tracking
Web Form Conversion Tracking 1 3 5
Call Tracking extra extra extra
Offline marketing campaign synchronization
Content Marketing and Link Acquisition (Per Month)
Blog Writing 1 2 3
Web 2.0 Profile Creation 5 10 20
Guest Blog posting extraextra extra
Guest Blog Social Bookmarking na na na
Forum Posting
Informational Article Writing & Submission 1 2 3
Article Social Bookmarking
Press Release Writing & Distribution 1 2 2
Premium PR Distribution extra extra extra
DOC / PDF Submission 1 2 3
PPT Creation + Distribution 2 4 6
Image / Pinterest Submission 2 5 8
Infographic Creation & Distribution extra extra extra
Content Partnership Creation extra extra extra
Social PR 
Bloggers Outreach Campaign  extra  extra  extra
Offer Creation  extra  extra  extra
Influencer Outreach  extra  extra  extra
Video Marketing (Per Month)
Video Creation + Distribution extra extra extra
PPT Video Creation + Distribution 1 1 2
Voiceover Video Creation + Distribution extra extra extra
Blog Setup
Blog Optimization
Blog seo setup
Blog RSS Feed Submission
Blog Directory Submission
Blog Social media integration
Latest online Marketing Trend suggestions
Website Designing Consultation
Landing Page Analysis
Enquiry pages Review and Suggestion
Mobile Compatibility check
Call to Action suggestion
Landing page suggestion
Enquiry Form Optimization
Thank you Page suggestion
KPI Reporting
Competitor intelligence report
Website KPI Report Summary
Landing Page
Keyword (Organic/seo)
Keyword (PPC/AdWords)
Keyword ranking Report
Backlinks Reporting
Social Metrics Summary
Facebook Insight Report
Twitter Analytic Report
LinkedIn Insight Report
SEO Status Reports weekly and monthly weekly and monthly weekly and monthly
Customer Support (email, chat & phone)